How It Works

We save our members 60-90% each month. We don’t bill insurance, but provide hundreds of the most common prescriptions for free. We refuse to accept the corrupt pricing schemes associated with prescription insurance. We're completely transparent about the true price of prescription medication saving our members hundreds of dollars per month. For a low monthly membership fee our members get their prescriptions for free or at a low cost.

Medications At-Cost

At-Cost medications are available to all of our members.

Over 6000 medications can be ordered from our pharmacy wholesalers to get get you the lowest possible price.​

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Free Medications

These medications are provided to our members at no additional charge:

Donated Medications

  • We receive prescription donations from manufacturers and nonprofit distributors. These medications are dispensed for free to members who:
  • Have no PRESCRIPTION insurance.
  • Have annual household incomes less than double the federal poverty level.

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