Medications management is complicated. Our team is here to guide you every step of the way. Check out the answers to some frequently asked questions below. If there’s something on your mind that isn’t mentioned here, please feel free to contact us directly.

How do I sign up?
The first step is for us to review you medication list and make sure we can save you money. ​ You can fill out the medication review form online or schedule a time to do the review with one of our staff over the phone. Visit our homepage for the form or to schedule a call. ​ Once we've made sure you'll save money we schedule an onboarding call with you to confirm your information and schedule payment.
How much does it cost?
Individuals: Monthly $40 / 6-Months $200 / Annual $400. Families: Monthly $70 / 6-Months $350 / Annual $700.​ Shipping $5 Flat Rate per package. ​ We get over 300 medications for free but we don't get EVERYTHING for free. Some medications will have a cost. This is why we review your medication list and generate a price quote before we sign you up.
Mobile App Sign Up
When signing up for our new app please ensure that you are allowing noreply@digitalpharmacist.com if you have a work email. Otherwise if you are using @gmail, @yahoo for example, you should expect the verification code and password reset to land in your inbox. If you do not receive the verification code at first please search for noreply@digitalpharmacist.com in your spam or inbox and call us if you do not receive it. We are able to contact our vendor for the app and find out if they sent the request to your or not.
Will you transfer my prescriptions?
The initial prescriptions must come directly from the prescriber's office. We cannot transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies. Once we have the prescriptions we will communicate directly with your prescriber to request refills and/or changes.
How quickly will I get my prescriptions?
We strive to keep all your prescriptions on the same schedule all the time. On enrollment, we may be waiting to receive several prescriptions from several different doctors. We ship everything within one business day of receiving the last prescription. In general, it takes 7-10 days from the time you sign up to receive your first shipment.
How do I refill my prescriptions?
Our goal is to keep all of your medicine on the same schedule. We start processing refills 7-10 days before they are due and hope to have them in your hand 5 days before the previous supply runs out. However, you can call, text, or email us to request refills at any time.
When will I get my refills?
We strive to get your refills to you 5 days or more before your previous supply runs out.
Will you call my doctor for refills?
Our goal is to keep all of your medicine on the same schedule. We automatically request refills on your regularly scheduled meds before you need them. However, not all offices will accept refill requests from pharmacies.
How do I cancel?
We walk with families and individuals through Spiritual, Physical, and Financial hardship. We are striving for a trusted, personal, life-long relationship with each of our members. There is no obligation and you can cancel your membership at any time. ​ Canceling without notice or explanation will require review of appropriateness or lock you out of the program permanently.
What if I have prescription insurance?
You can have prescription insurance- in fact many of our members do- we're just not going to use it. By removing all of the markup and selling your prescriptions at cost, we are often able to beat the prices you pay with your insurance.